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Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a “tummy tuck,” is a popular surgery in America. Tummy tucks help to flatten and shape abdomens and waists by removing excess fat and skin while tightening muscles. Dr. Frederick Watkins has been performing abdominoplasties for many years, with excellent cosmetic results patients love coupled with exceptional patient care.

A successful surgery requires a personalized understanding of each person’s measurements and goals. We take the time during every preoperative consultation to learn what you wish to achieve from a tummy tuck, both physically and emotionally, which helps our doctor recommend the best size and shape for a natural look. By listening to what patients have to say and closely examining them, rather than performing a one-size-fits-all procedure, Dr. Watkins designs customized treatments that take into account the best possible result.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck

The best candidates for abdominoplasty are those in good physical condition who have pockets of fat or loose skin that aren’t responding to diet and exercise. A tummy tuck can also help patients whose skin has lost some of its elasticity due to age, significant weight changes, or post-pregnancy stomach muscles in women.

If you’re planning a tummy tuck surgery in the near future, talk to our doctor about your diet and exercise plan leading up to surgery, as we discourage patients from losing a lot of weight beforehand. Weight loss loosens the skin in the abdominal area with the most substantial weight loss, which is not ideal immediately before a tummy tuck. We also advise patients who plan to become pregnant in the future to delay surgery until after they are done having children, as pregnancy will reduce the results of a tummy tuck.

Learning About the Tummy Tuck Procedure and Risks

Most abdominoplasty procedures require two to three hours under general anesthesia. Dr. Watkins will make two incisions: one from hipbone to hipbone close to the pubic area, and another around the navel.

By separating the skin from the abdominal muscles, the tummy tuck procedure allows for reshaping and stitching of a firmer abdomen and narrower waist, removing excess skin and reattaching the skin flap over the smaller abdominal area. The last step is to close the incisions and dress the area for protection against infections. In some cases, a temporary tube may be inserted to drain excess fluid from the surgical site.

Recovery time ranges from two weeks to a few months, depending on the individual and the number of changes made during surgery. Once healed, patients will still have a scar across the lower abdomen from hip to hip. We’re careful to make the incision low enough for even a bikini to conceal the final scar. Sometimes, preexisting scars can become stretched or more noticeable after the procedure, but may be minimized with a scar revision procedure from our medical team. Though rare, postoperative complications may include infection, blood clots, or poor healing.

With a balanced diet and regular exercise, tummy tuck results are long-lasting and help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin—even during swimsuit season.

Mini Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck)

Some of our patients aren’t comfortable with the idea of a full tummy tuck, so we often recommend an alternative mini abdominoplasty procedure. Similar to abdominoplasty, a mini tummy tuck uses a shorter incision and doesn’t extend above the navel, offering a less invasive procedure with minimal recovery time.

To learn even more, please visit the Abdominoplasty FAQs page or contact our office for a private consultation.

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