Botox vs. Jeuveau: Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Botox vs. Jeuveau: Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Most people are familiar with Botox®, the neuromodulator that’s been smoothing out faces since 2002. A few other similar products have followed, the newest of which is Jeuveau®.

Frederick H. Watkins, MD, offers both at our McLean, Virginia, and Rockville, Maryland, offices. Here, Dr. Watkins explains the similarities and differences.


Botox’s roots go back to the 1920s when scientists isolated the toxin that causes food poisoning. Researchers later found that a small dose of the toxin could safely treat crossed eyes and eye spasms, then they accidentally discovered it can also smooth dynamic wrinkles. 

Allergan licensed the treatment and branded it Botox. Today, the injectable neurotoxin is FDA-approved to treat:

Botox is the original — a groundbreaker in that it’s the first injectable bacterial product used to treat medical and cosmetic issues.


Jeuveau is the newest neuromodulator on the scene, which is how it got its nickname: NewTox. The FDA approved it in 2019, and it works in pretty much the same way as Botox — it stops muscle movement.

Millennials who want to stop lines before they form love Jeuveau. They use it as a preventive, anti-aging treatment, making it a trendy option for the younger crowd.

How Botox and Jeuveau are similar

Despite the online debates about which is better, Botox and Jeuveau are strikingly similar.

Same basic ingredient

Both Botox and Jeuveau smooth your deep lines and dynamic wrinkles because they’re both neuromodulators. This means they contain a compound that interferes with signals between your nerve cells. 

When injected into targeted tissues, neuromodulators effectively paralyze your muscles so they can’t contract when you smile or frown. This relaxes your face and reduces the facial expressions that carve lasting impressions into your skin. 

Botox and Jeuveau use the same neuromodulator in their formulas: botulinum toxin type A. 

Same safety levels

Jeuveau and Botox are purified versions of the botulinum toxin type A, and both have been tested extensively for safety. The right doses administered by a qualified physician are considered safe for most people.

However, some individuals may have allergic reactions to the inactive ingredients, which may make one product a better fit for you than the other.


Whether you choose Botox or Jeuveau, you can expect to pay about the same. 

How Botox and Jeuveau differ

There are two main differences between Botox and Jeuveau — formulation and usage.

Manufacturing process

Although Botox and Jeuaveau have the same basic ingredients, they’re made differently. All neuromodulators undergo strict purification steps to ensure safety, and the process has remained the same for about 10 years.

Jeuveau is the first on the market to use what the manufacturer calls Hi-Pure™ technology. This process involves additional steps that separate and remove nonessential proteins, resulting in a purer product.

However, Botox and Jeuveau are equally safe; the primary safety variable lies in the administrator you choose. That’s why so many trust Dr. Watkins, our board-certified plastic surgeon. His extensive medical education, training, and experience give him a deep understanding of facial anatomy, ensuring your injections are accurate and safe.


Botox is used for cosmetic and medical issues; Jeuveau is only approved for cosmetic issues. 

Deciding which product is right for you is a matter of personal preference. Dr. Watkins helps you weigh your options. If you prefer, he also offers other brands of neuromodulators — Dysport® and Xeomin® — on request. 

Call either of our two offices to schedule a consultation with Dr. Watkins today, or use our online booking tool. 

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