Male Breast Reduction Surgery: We Answer all of Your Questions

Dr. Frederick H Watkins, with offices in Rockville, Maryland and McLean, Virginia has extensive experience in performing gyne

For 25% of men who have breast tissue enlargement, medically known as gynecomastia, summer, in particular, can be stressful. Sometimes this condition resolves on its own. But when it doesn’t, gynecomastia surgery is a safe and effective solution.

Dr. Frederick H Watkins, with offices in Rockville, Maryland and McLean, Virginia has extensive experience in performing gynecomastia surgery.

Dr. Watkins, who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, has given countless men self-confidence with this procedure. He often gets questions about this little-discussed surgery and has compiled a list to answer the most common ones.

Am I a candidate for male breast reduction surgery?

If your gynecomastia doesn’t resolve on its own over time, you may want to consider male breast reduction. The ideal candidate for the procedure fit the majority of the following criteria:

• Are in good overall health, free of medical conditions that might hinder post-surgery healing
• Don’t smoke or use illicit drugs
• Are within a normal weight range for your height and body type
• Are extremely disturbed by the appearance of their breasts
• Have breast tissue that is stable in its development
• Desire a flatter, more contoured chest

During your consultation, Dr. Watkins will discuss all of your concerns. He assesses your overall health, the severity of your gynecomastia, and recommends the type of surgery that’s best suited for you.

What can I expect during gynecomastia surgery?

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Watkins may recommend liposuction fat removal or traditional breast reduction surgery to remove breast gland tissue via mastectomy.

Power assisted liposuction is a surgical technique that Dr. Watkins uses to permanently remove fat cells. Dr. Watkins inserts a very thin tube, or cannula, through tiny incisions around your breasts. The vibrations in the liposuction cannula help to break up the fat cells and facilitate their removal.

With liposuction, recovery time is minimal. You’ll most likely be able to return to work or other activities within a couple of days.

During a traditional male breast reduction surgery, excess fatty tissue and excess skin are removed. The areola and nipple can also be resized and repositioned so they’re more in proportion to the reduced breast size.

What if only one breast is larger?

Gynecomastia surgery can be performed on just one breast if that’s all that is necessary. Dr. Watkins advises patients as to which type of procedure will help you get more symmetrical results.

Are special garments required during recovery?

Typically, a compression garment is recommended after liposuction or traditional gynecomastia surgery. This provides support as you heal. Additionally, you may also need to avoid vigorous exercise for up to three weeks following surgery.

How long do the results last?

The results of gynecomastia surgery are usually permanent. However, if significant weight is gained, or use steroids, enlarged breast tissue can return.

Male breast reduction surgery has a high satisfaction rate. The physical and emotional benefits of male breast reduction surgery are numerous.

For a consultation, call our office or use the convenient online booking system to schedule an appointment.

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