Your Complete Guide to a Mommy Makeover

Your Complete Guide to a Mommy Makeover

You binge-watch home improvement shows that transform dilapidated shacks into stunning new living spaces, and you’ve probably stepped up to the cosmetic counter a few times to get a makeup makeover.

But if you’re a mother with one or more kids and have never heard of a mommy makeover, you’re missing out on a life-changing opportunity that could help you reclaim your pre-pregnancy body.

Board-certified Frederick H. Watkins, MD, specializes in mommy makeovers for women throughout McLean, Virginia, and Rockville, Maryland. Here’s everything you need to know about mommy makeovers to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What’s involved in a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is whatever you want it and need it to be. During your consultation with Dr. Watkins, you discuss your aesthetic goals, and he explains your options. Your customized mommy makeover could include any of several surgical procedures, including but not limited to:

Breast lift

A breast lift raises your sagging breasts, repositions your nipple to a higher, more youthful position, and corrects asymmetry.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation increases the size and improves the shape of your breasts with implants or a fat transfer.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of overly large breasts that may cause physical discomfort or self-consciousness.

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat from your abdomen and tightens the underlying muscles to create a smoother, firmer appearance.


Liposuction removes unwanted fat pockets from specific areas to improve your body’s contours. 

Who should opt for a mommy makeover?

While the mommy makeover is popular among mothers wanting to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, it's not solely for mothers. 

Women who’ve experienced significant weight loss or aging effects can also benefit from a mommy makeover. The best mommy makeover candidates are in good health, have a stable weight, and have realistic expectations about the outcomes. 

And, if you’re planning to have more children, it’s best to wait until your family is complete before getting a mommy makeover.

The benefits of a mommy makeover

Since every mommy makeover is different, the results differ too. However, anyone who undergoes a customized mommy makeover with Dr. Watkins can expect these benefits.


One of the best aspects of a mommy makeover is its customizability. Your body is unique, and so are your aesthetic goals. A mommy makeover isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; we tailor it to your specific needs and desires. 

Achieving multiple goals in one shot

A mommy makeover often consists of multiple surgical procedures performed simultaneously. This approach reduces overall recovery time and means you'll only pay associated fees once, making it cost-effective.

Restoring your confidence

A mommy makeover can significantly boost your self-confidence. It can tighten loose skin, potentially get rid of stretch marks, bring back your pre-pregnancy figure, restore breast fullness and shape, and even enhance cleavage. These physical changes give you improved wardrobe options and increased body confidence.

Long-lasting effects

The effects of your mommy makeover last for a long time. Procedures like breast lifts and augmentations result in permanently altered contours, while a tummy tuck can provide a smoother, firmer appearance to your abdomen that lasts for years.

Steps to take before your mommy makeover

Before deciding on a mommy makeover, talk to Dr. Watkins about your aesthetic goals, medical history, and lifestyle habits. 

Once you and Dr. Watkins agree on a treatment plan, we run pre-operative tests and evaluations to ensure your health and safety.

Your recovery period and post-surgical follow-up

Recovery time varies depending on your chosen procedures and healing capacity. However, you can expect to take several weeks off work and refrain from strenuous activities.

It's essential to follow all post-operative instructions, including taking prescribed medications, caring for surgical sites, and attending follow-up visits.

When you’re ready for a mommy makeover, call our team at either location today or book an appointment online.

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